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National Black Light Theatre Prague

a theatre of magic, emotions and humour

For many years, National Black Light Theatre Prague is one of the most known representatives of the world famous scenic style - black theatre.

A specific scenic poetics, magic, humour and scenic tricks of this company have opened them doors of prestigious theatres in many countries of Europe, Asia and America. Projects from the repertoire of National Black Light Theatre Prague have won a serie of awards and excellent critics from many theatre festivals over the world.

A scenic manifestation of National Black Light Theatre Prague is very characteristic and unique. Visual and voiceless elaboration of known themes makes this theatre easily pass the language barriers. So the company can seamlessly communicate with an audience of all the continents, without any difference of nationality, age or religion.

The speech of the black theatre are dance, pantomime, emotive music and creative stylization. On the stage of National Black Light Theatre Prague, the efforts of the actors and artists are combined with big-screen projections of featured or animated motion pictures, black theatre tricks and magic, with light, sound and music effects. Original, internationally patented stage mechanisms that stay hidden to the public in the darkness, allow the actors of National Black Light Theatre Prague to fly very close to the audience, to animate non living things or to enter unreal worlds.

Lunatics and fools meet on the stage of National Black Light Theatre Prague. The audience can fly on the cannonball through the space with Baron Munchausen, they get a chance to look into a bizarre world behind the mirror with Carroll's Alice. Whereas Gulliver invites them between giants and dwarfs, Don Quijote fights his eternal fight against the windmills. Monkey King sails the oceans, gets past fire mountains and initiate the visitors to the secret tricks and magic.

Is there missing Peter Pan, the magician of Oz, or Sinbad? Don't worry, they are comming.