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Odyssea Musica

A totally unique project of a visualised concert  of symphony music was born from a cooperation of National Black Light Theatre Prague and Czech Chamber Philharmonics. Experience from listening originally arranged fragments of the most famous compositions of the world classics, masterly presented by Czech Chamber Philharmonics, is multiplied by poetical visualizations of National Black Light Theatre Prague. A fantastical "music boat" takes the public to a wonderful sail through an ocean of tones, chords and harmony. It takes them to unknown "music continents", visits a Mozart's isle, a Beethoven's volcano, closely misses a Wagner's glacier and touches at a sunny lagoon of Johann Strauss. Like the boat of legendary Odysseus on it's journey through oceans, our boat of musicians meets tempting Sirens, it sails through a "love sea", passes an attack of treacherous bumble bees and it anchors for a moment near a Carmen's jealous cape. This entirely new conception of classical music concert opens gates "Porta Musica" to a wide spectrum of audience - spectators, and it addresses the actual young "pop" generation by an attractive form.