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journey to fantasy

Journey to fantasy (Gulliver's Travels and Alice in Wonderland)

Voiceless, black theatre, multivisual performance presents to the audience two of the most famous figures of the fantasy world during one night. Alice from the Carroll's book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and the sailor Gulliver from the novel of Jonathan Swift. The performance uses unique scene procedures. The work of the actors is combined with magic and black theatre tricks, big screen projections of featured or 3D animated films, charming setting, emotive music, light and sound effects. Special projection webs allow the actors to enter to previously recorded films and so meet giants, whales or travel by space and time in the proximity of audience. The world patented stage mechanisms, hidden in the black cabinet allows the actors even to fly. The show "Journey to fantasy" pleased, amazed and made laugh the public of many countries of the world. It ingratiated also the critics (see the part "Critics") and special juries of many theatre festivals.

On the 52th year of the world theatre festival in Edinburgh, in august 2002, Gulliver won the award "The Best Political Fantasy". The special jury of critics set up by The Scotsman journal, awarded it a medal position between a competition of more then 900 classified performances.

Gulliver's Travels (the first part of the show Journey to Fantasy)

A comedy about a man who was believed by nobody. A story of the sailor Gulliver that returns to his fatherland after many years of journeys round the world. He brings messages of before unknown countries, recently discovered continents and weird creatures living there. But he becomes an object of mockery and insults of his former friends. He is judged for extending delusions and heretic thoughts. But soon the smile of his judges remains petrified...

Scotsman 24.8.2002: "Brilliant, fascinating Gulliver... The borders between reality and illusions are erased..."

The Evening News 23.8.2002 : "Gulliver's case full of tricks has all dimensions of enchantment..."

Alice in Wonderland (the second part of the show Journey to Fantasy)

Following the years of tradition of Czech creators of trick and animated films (Jiří Trnka, Karel Zeman and Hermína Týrlová), we prepared a performance full of magic, tricks and visual effects. The unbelievable adventures of curious Alice are certainly known to everyone. But in our show, the dreams of this little girl become reality at audience arm's length. They personally meet the giant White rabbit, magic Cheshire cat and dangerous Chess queen with her card army. The unique tricks allow the actors to fly, grow or disappear in the proximity of the spectators. The bizarre world of Carroll's Alice gave to National Black Light Theatre Prague a chance to open the gates of fantasy, leave the ordinary day's reality and return to the children dreams.

Scotsman 23.8.2002: "Intelligent and highly imaginative show..."

Gulliver's Travels and Alice in Wonderland exist also in the full-length evening version. You will find the video and more informations along with the particular projects.