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Spirits of Prague

The newest and the most epic project in the history of National Black Light Theatre Prague. Magic mobile decorations and marionettes, 3D animations, more then 200 especially painted properties, coloured projections, trick scenic machines. The show was created thanks to a cooperation of National Black Light Theatre Prague with some important Czech investors.
Multivisual, educative and funny show revives the mysterious history of Prague on the stage. The legendary time machine, Old town astronomic clock, becomes a gate to past. The twelve apostles are substituted on their places by legendary master-minds and charlatans, whose destinies are closely connected with the history of this marvellous city.
We discover Libuše and Charles IV., Rudolf II. and Arcimbold, master Kelly and rabbi Löw, Mozart and Smetana, Kafka and Švejk. We will revive the legends of Golem, the sorcerer's stone, homunculus or Faust.
Turning the wheels of the clock counter-clockwise we gain an oportunity to be "personally" presented during the searching for the Czech promised land, we can build the Prague town "whose glory is touching the stars" with Libuše. With Charles IV., we will melt the eggs into the mortar to construct the famous bridge, Rudolf's sorcerer's stone helps us to create a lump of gold from clay or an artificial woman. Löw's Golem protects the natal ghetto, on the contrary, Faust destroys the roof of his house taken by the devil for an unfavourable contract.
Mozart invites us to the premiere of Don Giovanni, Kafka guides us through his Castle and we will sit in the pub U Kalicha during the whole First World War with Švejk.