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Baron Munchausen

A crazy visual comedy, freely based on the world known novel of K. Bürger "Baron von Münchhausen" Unbelievable adventures of the king of lunatics take us at this time to the heart of fantasy itself.
A performance that inspires the audience with it's playfulness, humour, but especially with perfect black theatre tricks and original connection of the living actor's work and the big screen 3D film projections A tender, melodic music of the best Czech music composer of the last years - Petr Hapka - makes along with the setting, costumes and decorations of the naive painter Emma Srncová, a fancy and coloured fundamental for the funny and emotional story of the aging king of Fantasy empire.
In the world full of stress, chase for property and carrier is no place for daydreamers. The daydreamers and "fools" are isolated behind the walls of an ancient madhouse. A young ambitious psychiatrist is prepared to get them off their stupid dreams and raving. But in the case of Baron Munchausen, the things get out of control. Baron's magic can change the dreams into reality. The doctor is unwillingly taken to the Fantasy world and he learns many things that have been unnecessary for him before - the taste of true love, the curative effects of laugh, that simple things can bring peace and felicity. Who cures to whom?

Let us surprise you...come and see.