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Aspect of Alice

The oldest and the most time played show from the repertory of National Black Light Theatre Prague. The director Pavel Marek, the designer Emma Srncová and the music composer Petr Hapka created it already in 1994, as their first common project. That time yet for the theatre Ta Fantastika. It's quality is proven by more then 16 years almost daily repetitions in Prague and thousands sold-out shows in different countries of the world. After the foundation of National Black Light Theatre Prague, Pavel Marek included this performance to the repertoire of his new company too. Tens of countries, hundreds of cities, thousands of travelled kilometres and tens of thousands of satisfied spectators - this is a balance that is a pride of Aspect of Alice. The story, this time already teenage girl Alice, freely continues the bizarre novel of Lewis Carroll.  Instead of rabbit holes and weird gardens, this time we pass an interesting journey through the childhood and adolescence. We will discover a secret of her feelings, desires and dreams. All of it in a colour of the ancient Prague, full of myth and legends of Golems, mysterious rabbis, wandering jugglers and wizards. The performance is made in a spirit of the classic black theatre, combined with an animated cartoon. It is conceived as an universal voiceless family show.

Tours: Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, Greece, Norway, Austria, Japan, China, Taiwan, India, USA...etc.