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Gulliver's Travels

Individual, full length, voiceless performance. A bitter comedy that laughs a human limitation and intolerance. A well known story of the sailor Gulliver became the inspiration for National Black Light Theatre Prague to create a coloured multivisual show, full of tricks and effects of black theatre. Huge projection semi-transparent screens allows the living actors to enter the film projections. The reality and the fiction interfuse. Gulliver can dance in a neckline of a gigantic lady, fly hanged in the claws of a legendary griffin, or sail through the oceans inside the belly of a whale. In his company, we will visit a land of giants, land of Lilliputians, we will ride a wild hen or we'll enter the stomach of Chinese emperor himself. After he returns home, he eagerly narrate his adventures to his friends. But instead of appreciation, he receives only disdain and mockery. Can he make his dumb neighbourhood believe the existence of the unknown worlds? Come to see by your own eyes...

On the 52th year of the world theatre festival in Edinburgh, in august 2002, Gulliver won the award "The Best Political Fantasy". The special jury of critics set up by The Scotsman journal, awarded it a medal position between a competition of more then 900 classified performances.

Scotsman 24.8.2002: "Brilliant, fascinating Gulliver... The borders between reality and illusions are erased..."

The Evening News 23.8.2002 : "Gulliver's case full of tricks has all dimensions of enchantment..."