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Possibilities of cooperation

National Black Light Theatre Prague spends the most of it's time travelling all over the world. In addition to the attractiveness and international understandability of it's performances, it is because the company is very flexible and can adjust it's stage and technical requirements to particular theatres and their possibilities. It can build it's "magic" black cabinet on small stages (for example the Pleasans Theatre in Edinburgh), but also on the stages of such a giant theatres like American West Point Theatre with the capacity of 4500 spectators, or in similar theatres in Japan and China. The team of 14 members consists of the actors, artists and technicians, and it's able to change almost any theatre hall on the world into a magic place full of humour, magic and unseen tricks during few hours.
National Black Light Theatre Prague brings the complete technical and scene equipment needed for the realization of it's performances, except lights and sound. A velvet background of the stage, absorbing light, a projection equipment and screens, a special light equipment, scene mechanisms and of course trick decorations, properties and costumes.
Around Europe, National Black Light Theatre Prague travels by an adjusted bus that carries the complete team and equipment.  To travel to other continents, it needs 14 airplane tickets and a cargo of 2 tons.  The construction of the black cabinet and the preparation take approximately 6 hours. Of course depending on technical conditions of the space, flexibility and activity of the local stage personnel.  
The most of the shows last approx. 2 hours, including 15 minutes of the pause. Roughly the same time it takes to dismount the equipment.

To work with National Black Light Theatre Prague is simple. Well, the motto of this company is...Nothing is impossible.