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Joan of Arc

An impressive story of the live of a poor girl that saved France with her firm faith.

There is the Hundred Years War raging in Europe. France, moved by inner conflicts, slowly falls into the English occupation. A demoralized army, leaded by a coward crown prince, loose the battles one by one.
The country is in flames, humiliated, bleeding. In the middle of the weapon clanking, in a small village named Domremes, there is born a tender girl in the family of poor peasants. The misery and suffering accompany her childhood and the unique hope is the religion. In the hardest times she hears divine voices speaking to her. They predict her a role of a saviour of the native land. Guided by the force of her faith, the girl makes her neighbourhood and later also the coward king to believe her divine mission - to save France. The girl that carries a defiance from humiliation, a wish for justice and a firmness of her faith, passes a distrust, obstructions and danger, unites the people and army, and leads them to a magnificent victory. She becomes a legend that terrifies English commanders and burgundy collaborators.
She banishes the occupants from the French towns, seizes Orleans and leads the dauphin to Rheims, where he is crowned a king. But the coward king cannot stand her glory. He feels humiliated having gained the crown from a countrywoman's hand and yields to the influence of envious intriguers.
Later, when Joan falls into a burgundy capture, he negates to redeem her and silently tolerates her sale to Britons. They want to prove the invalidity of the Rheims crowning, so they declare the poor girl a heretic and a devil's servant. During a monster process, the collaborating bishop Cauchon sentences her to be burned. He kills the brave girl, but the legend of her acts lives on and helps to French people in other fights for liberation. 
Joan of Arc becomes a martyr. She becomes the Orleans Virgin.

Our musical is a colourful narration about the bravery and faith, cowardice and envy, love and hate. It is a narration about the power of human spirit, a mention of a capability of even the weakest person to move the history .